Saturday, September 28, 2013

letter 96

To the Churches
Bishop Webb
    Our constitution is a set of rule by which our country was founded and ruled by. Probably shortly
after it's inception, the lawyer was born, to help us interpret the rules. Yes I know where did that come
from. Well there came the Bible. A bunch of scrolls found all over, and a group of scholars who sat down and decided which ones were in and which were out. Then comes the interpreters. I have heard sermons that said " God hates sin. If you are a sinner God hates you." Well not being a theologian, I have read the Bible, and I read that God can not even look at sin, and the Bible says I am a sinner. God must hate me right? I have had "interpreters" say that while the Bible is a good book. A book of good stories passed from generation to generation. Some say the Bible was written to a generation, certainly not timeless.  Churches over time have kept certain things in the Bible, then suddenly reinterpreted them, like the womens' role in the household, and certainly in the church. Rules on modesty, adornment, and head covering. On issues mentioned in the Bible such as homosexuality, the church remains very ridged.
    I say all this to say, the church has become the rules. It's the first thing wetalk about and are
asked about by outsiders. The rules are something worth fighting for and about. We split churches, we tear apart communities, and families because we must defend our interpretation of the rules. We have
punished, sued and killed over the rules. I really remember the life of Jesus being about so much less, and so much more. I think about John 3:16 and about the women about to be stoned for adultry.
I think about all of the conversations with the church of the time about the rules. So many have turned
from religion because they know, and are honest about it, they can not keep the rules. I know I can'y keep the rules either.If I say I can or lead others to believe I do I am a liar. I think that's against the rules. I don't know that Jesus talked much about the rules. When asked He said 'love the Lord your God
with all your heart, with all your mind and thith all your soul, and love your neighbor as your self' If we
can teach that, and live that, honestly, I should think we would have our hands full. We live in a very
broken and hurting world, Those that need us most are turned away by us and our rules. Do I really
love God with all nof my being? Do I really love my neighbor, do I treat him as I would want to be treated.
    One can take their rules and money to court instead of reaching out. One can take their rules to
their church or club. Our churches will die, and we will defend our rules to the end. Rules first, Jesus after you get the rules.
    I believe we will allbe judged one day on our actions here. I pray that we will consider
our actions only with Christ in mind, and prayerfully consider what we are doingin the name of Jesus.
Help us Jesus, as we honestly try to consider You, our Redeemer, first. Help us to do Your will to bring all we can to an introduction to you. Help us not to judge, but to love as You have loved us. We know we can not do this of our selves. Be in us, Jesus, that Your name would be glorified. Amen.
Bud Webb

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