Saturday, September 14, 2013

letter 23


Dear Bishop Webb,

I am writing this letter in support of Rev Steve Heiss. As a member of 
Tabernacle, I am angered by the sinful, hurtful, hateful language in 
the United Methodist Book of Discipline regarding gay people.

It is NOT okay to hurt people just because there is a rule that says we 

I suppose some would say I should leave the United Methodist Church if 
I don’t like the rules. I suppose Steve could join the ministry of 
another denomination.

And I suppose that before the 1970s, African Americans in the South 
could have moved to places that had no legalized segregation or Jim 
Crow laws if they didn’t like those rules.

But that is not the answer, Bishop Webb, and I think you know it. The 
answer is to have the courage to stand up, speak out and support people 
who are fighting to bring change to our church.

Roxann Cator

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