Saturday, September 14, 2013

letter 24

Rudolph  A.  Dehn

To – Bishop  Mark  Webb

My belief is that GOD  created the wonderful diversity  of our universe  with a basic principle of  “Love for All” .   That means to me that  all individuals  should respect each other and recognize that they may have differing views  from mine.
In the matter of love between two people and  the need for procreation to ensure  the future of mankind on our planet,  the joining  in matrimony of a man and a woman has fulfilled that need.  However   there is room for those whose makeup is to prefer  a union with someone of the same sex.  I see no logic in banishing those with such tendencies to lives  without the mutual love of a mate.
SO  I endorse  clergy who subscribe to my philosophy and as a very long member (since 1945) of the United  Methodist Church  I urge you not to discipline clergy  in your guidance for performing marriage between same sex partners.

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