Tuesday, September 10, 2013

letter 6

Bishop Mark J. Webb
324 University Avenue, 3rd Floor
Syracuse, NY 13210

Dear Bishop Webb:

      Until the United Methodist Church lovingly accepts all people,  
including LGBT's without exceptions, it is just another smug,  
hypocritical "church" pretending to follow Jesus' teachings.

      The exhortation to "love thy neighbor" does not add a list of  
exceptions, but includes everyone.

       Why should the Methodist hierarchy be so concerned with a  
person's sexual preference anyway?  We are no longer driven by the  
need to reproduce our own kind as in the time of the Prophets.  Who  
are we to sit in judgment and deny rights to one group because, of  
all things, their sexual preference?  We don't discriminate against  
blondes vs. redheads, do we?

    Rev. Steve Heiss is showing great courage in taking a strong  
stand against an odious practice, and it is my fervent hope that you  
will stand with him in the effort to change the hateful wording in  
the Methodist Discipline.  Thank you for courage.

Barbara Garges

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