Tuesday, September 17, 2013

letter 50

Dear Bishop Webb:  
I am a voice crying in the wilderness about the flap dealing with Rev. Heiss.....................or maybe not.............some of my friends at Vestal UMC have eloquently expressed their feelings, and I would add myself to their thoughts.  To me, one of the great strengths of the UM system is the proclaimed statement about Open hearts, Open minds and Open doors.  To deny gay or lesbians the rite of holy matrimony flies in the face of that statement, and those regressive souls why want to deny that are also not looking at the whole relationship of God to man.  Certainly Jesus did not forsake folk who were not in compliance with community norms.  
Nor should we.
As this discussion proceeds, let us hope that decisions are made in a state of grace, not just because the vote went a different way.
yours truly
John Burns

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