Wednesday, September 11, 2013

letter 8

September 7, 2013

Dear Bishop Webb,
As laity, old WNY Annual Conference, I attended, as Equalization member, the Riverside Rochester Annual Conference when we voted 568 to 449 (standing counted vote) to remove the discriminatory language (put in 1972) in our “beloved” Book of Discipline.  I do suspect that you are in a personal bind what with probable oaths or promises at the time of your installation as Bishop (by the way, congratulations!).  I bet you did not think it would be this much fun.  By the way, that 568:449 vote was most likely 50/50 clergy and not 568 laity, 449 clergy.

This comes with a prayer that we will find a way to support Rev. Steve Heiss in what is in his heart of hearts.

Listening, watching.
Always seeking Jesus the Christ,

David J. Whitlock   

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