Tuesday, September 17, 2013

letter 43

September16, 2013

Bishop Mark Webb
324 University Avenue
3rd Floor
Syracuse, NY  13210

Dear Bishop

I am writing in support of Rev. Steve Heiss and his commitment to what he believes as biblical obedience (as I do) over legalism.  I saw you place the Book of Discipline under the Bible during your installation and my heart rose-biblical obedience over legalism.

Jesus, in his day, preached and practiced what he knew was right and just despite the legalisms of his day.  As a leader of our denomination, I pray you also feel that you are called to preach and practice the same-justice over legalism.  Maybe you have been called and placed in your position for just such a time as now.


Margaret Parish
A child of God “fearfully and wonderfully made”

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