Sunday, September 15, 2013

letter 30

Dear Bishop Webb,
I grew up in Dauphin Way Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama during the period of Civil Rights. I have always been so proud of my church for the stands it took for justice during that time. In fact it is because of Dauphin Way that I decided to go to seminary and become an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church. I wanted to stand up for justice in the world. 
Along my journey I have always tried to take sides with the outcasts of our society just as Jesus did. In one of my congregations there was a gay couple who had a warm home and lots of love to give and who adopted four children with AIDS. My congregation welcomed them and we baptized their babies. This summer I was happy for friends of mine, two gay couples who had been waiting for the opportunity to get married for 33 and 36 years respectively.  What blessed, tearful, and loving celebrations they were.
I am not so proud of the United Methodist Church any more. We are standing on the wrong side of history, the Bible and justice when we deny full acceptance to GLBT people. It is time for us to stop these ridiculous, time consuming and expensive church trials. 
I write in full support of Steve Heiss as he comes before you, and I pray for you in your work. 
Dana Carroll

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