Thursday, September 12, 2013

letter 10

Dear Bishop Webb,
               We came to the Tabernacle Methodist Church after being rejected by our life long Evangelical
church. My Wife and I have a long time commitment to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We raised two girls in the Evangelical church and was a few short years from getting our third child through. Then our child was told that God does not make mistakes. Our child's response to this was "If there is a God then he made me. I am the way that I am. I can not help that, no matter how much I want to be different or how much you want that. Ant thing else would be a lie. Therefore I hate God." As an evangelical father that really shook me. After searching the internet we found Tabernacle. This gave us a new chance to show that there is hope. That there are God fearing people who understand and let the love of God be our guide.
                I know you have a tough Job and I know there are rules. I only hope there can be some kind
of resolution that would protect these people who want to love and worship the same God I love and
worship. These are the same people who are over and over rejected. I read the passages of Jesus' ministry and find that He Repeatedly rebukes the church leaders for using the rules to exclude people from Him. I long to have my child loved by God and God's people. Until I found Tabernacle, I felt betrayed by church and felt that my child was being willingly handed over to satin.
                Again I understand that there are rules and you are in a difficult place. As for me and my wife we have in the past and will continue to by our child through difficult times. Trying to explain
the love of Jesus and trying to defend the actions of the church. Our child is fortunate, she has us. For 
others there may only be pastor Heiss and others like him brave enough to make a stand.
                We will pray for you on all things and will lov and repect you no matter the outcome of this
heavy decision.
Bud & Sue Webb

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