Thursday, September 12, 2013

letter 14

Dear Bishop Webb:

It never fails, as history has proven and may continue to prove...we, as mortals,  seem prone to compound or replace one wrong-doing, toward each other, with another wrong-doing! Makes me wonder, are we really evolving or do we just not learn/will never learn a thing from our past misdeeds, in regard to humanity? Relatively speaking, I can readily affix this chronic condition of ours to what I know,  both directly and indirectly; the yet rippling effect of another atrocity and what's going on today appear to be running almost  parallel, in poignancy!  Are we to be forever cramped by some unending, unnecessary bias, per choice, be it in regard to the issue of race/health, (AIDS-related) and now, someone’s   sexuality?  

Why can't we just let people be...and not always try to infringe our “perfect" selves, or ideals, upon the lives of others, seemingly, different to ourselves; especially those who only want to/try to live their lives in peace, as, like us, they should be allowed? There has to come a time when this unwavering, dehumanization/declassification/  denial of the rights of others to co-exist must stop!!  God, (our Father...the Almighty), "who knows us while we are in the womb," has allowed us all here...granted us all here 'the right to enter and stay' in this (His) we are....for His own reason/His own be recalled, in His own time.....So, why are we down here, in His house, fighting against it?!!   As Christians, I believe that we especially  need to "Let God's will be done!!!"  Why not be the forerunners in showing that His house is opened to all...and not try to judge, furthermore block, anyone who tries to enter, in the name of God?  As difficult as it may be, let's endeavor to, “let go and let God” be the only one to judge you, everyone else and me!!!!

Patti M. Gill

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